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Woman Kidnapped By Ex-Boyfriend In Sioux Falls

She told law enforcement that Bryant punched and strangled her and forced her into the trunk.

Foster Mother Pleads Guilty To Reduced Charge In Boy's Death

A Sioux Falls woman accused of killing her 2-year-old foster son has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Names Released In Fatal Edmunds County Crash

A 16-year-year male died in a two-vehicle crash that occurred late Monday night near Bowdle.

Actor Mark Ruffalo In North Dakota To Oppose Pipeline

Ruffalo is co-founder of The Solutions Project, which promotes clean and renewable energy. He says he plans to deliver a pair of Navajo-made solar trailers on Wednesday to help power the encampments established to protest the pipeline.

Two Children Found Dead After Mobile Home Fire

The Aberdeen Rural Fire Department confirms two children were found dead after a mobile home caught fire.

Cutting Radiation Therapy Time In Half

It's life changing to hear that you, or someone you love, has been diagnosed with cancer. But there is hope. A recent study published in JAMA Oncology says a new type of radiation therapy may be better for treating breast cancer... especially in the earlier stages. 

A Closer Look At Amendment V

Taking A Closer Look At Amendment V

Those who have already voted may have noticed this year's ballot is lengthy with around ten ballot issues ranging from the a victim's rights after a crime to lowering the minimum wage in South Dakota. Leading up to the election KDLT News is breaking down important measures continuing Tuesday with Amendment V.

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