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'Tis the Season For Holiday Stress

In addition to those holiday pressures, gloomier weather and shorter days  can lead to what's called "Seasonal Affective Disorder" and anxiety.

Cyber Crime: Who's Protecting Your Kids From Online Criminals?

There’s a task force in South Dakota that works every day to crack down on internet crimes. And while their tactics have changed over the past decade, their mission to keep kids safe online has not.

Safety Tips For Holiday Travel

Thanksgiving is just about here and thousands of families are hitting the road for the one of the busiest travel days in the country. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is increasing its presence on the roads and reminding drivers to be safe, but they are the only ones sharing advice.

Judge Reconsiders Babysitter's Sentence In Death Of 3-Year-Old Child

A northwest Iowa day care provider sentenced in the death of a 3-year-old child could be spending less time in prison. In October of last year, a judge sentenced Rochelle Sapp to 100 years in prison, but has since reconsidered that sentence.

Harrisburg Wins 'Celebrate My Drive' Campaign

Harrisburg High School has a little something to be thankful for this week. The school was one of 22 in the country to receive a $100,000 check from State Farm for winning the 'Celebrate My Drive' campaign.

Frontier Halting Denver-Sioux Falls Flights For The Winter

Frontier Airlines is halting its flights between Denver and Sioux Falls during the winter.

Bison Ranch Owned By Turner Gets Permit For Feedlot Addition

Stanley County commissioners have approved a feedlot at a bison ranch owned by media mogul Ted Turner.

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