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Attorney For Lead Murder Suspect Wants Evidence Suppressed

The attorney for a Lead man accused of killing a woman is seeking to have some evidence disallowed at trial.

State Probe Clears Officers In Lawrence County Shootout

Attorney General Marty Jackley says three Lawrence County sheriff's deputies involved in an exchange of gunfire with a suspect who later died were justified in firing their weapons.

Watertown Juvenile Arrested After Making Terroristic Threat

The Watertown Police Department say that a male Watertown juvenile was arrested Thursday evening, October 1, after he made threats about shooting people at the Watertown High School.

Rollinger's Heroics Featured In People Magazine

One of the men who helped stop a shooting inside Harrisburg High School last week is featured in the latest copy of People magazine.

Community Center Opens At Ellsworth Air Force Base

Ellsworth Air Force Base has opened a community center that will serve as a gathering place for airmen and their families.

Inmate Missing From Minimum-Security Lockup In Rapid City

A state prison inmate has been placed on escape status after walking away from a minimum-security lockup in Rapid City.

Expressing Motherhood

'Expressing Motherhood' Lets Moms Share Experiences On Stage

It's a two day event that gives women—and men— the chance to share their experiences about being a mother in a unique and artistic form.

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