Rachel Krogman Makes A Name For Herself

Former Elkton standout wraps up stellar career at Northern

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Elkton’s Rachel Krogman understands if you mistake her for being related to the White River Krogmans.

“I’m constantly being asked if I’m related to Louie or if I’m related to Eric. It’s either one or the other. So I just kind of expect the questions and I always have my answer ready.” Rachel says.

But at Northern State there’s no mistaking that she’s made a name for herself.

“Well she’s really been an inside force for us. She’s 15 points a game, eleven and twelve rebounds. She’s a physical player, she’s a smart player. She’s really developed herself into a better player every year, and she really anchors our offense.” Northern State Head Coach Curt Fredrickson says.

“To finally have a girls team have my name, it’s kind of nice I’ll admit!” Krogman says.

More than her stats or the wins, Rachel says the thing she’ll cherish the most about are time at Northern State…..

“The relationships you build. Northern’s a great community. Our fans, like I said, they’re the best in the league, in the conference and in the country I think. It’s been a great ride and I’m going to ride it as long as I can.” Rachel says.

….Are all the names and people who’ve embraced her!