Man Walks 400 Miles To Fight Bakken Oil Pipeline

Former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon wraps up 'pilgrimage'

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A man is finishing a 400+ mile trek across the state of Iowa, and he’s doing it to protest a major hot-button issue facing the nation.

Former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon is against the Bakken Oil Pipeline.

“I think this pipeline, this oil pipeline that this Texas company wants to build is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to Iowa in my lifetime,” Fallon says.

Fallon is taking his frustration out by walking it off, literally.

“I kind of wind, I go north and west and north and west, just generally speaking following the path of the pipeline.”

That path just happens to encompass the entire state of Iowa, from Lee to Lyon County.

He says putting in the physical legwork in this fight is symbolic, and allows him to meet the people that would be affected.

“Walking is a very humble way to connect with the soil and the water and the land, and also to meet the people directly. I could certainly drive the pipeline and be done with it a lot quicker, but it would have the same significance to me.”

He has spent the majority of his 400 mile trip walking alone. However on Tuesday, he had some company.

Jane Kleeb, from Bold Nebraska, joined Fallon on the last leg of his journey.

She knows a few things about fighting a pipeline.

“She has done an amazing job in Nebraska from keeping the Keystone Pipeline from happening,” Fallon said. “She’s kind of an inspiration to me, and it’s great to have her along.”

“You cant just be in New York or D.C. and talk about a project, you have to be on the land, touch the ground and that’s why its critical being here,” Kleeb says. “If you’re going to fight a pipeline, you better step foot on that land.”

And that’s exactly what Ed Fallon did.

Fallon has been blogging throughout his journey, read more here.