Production Assistant


KDLT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is searching for a Part Time Production Assistant to join our team.

Position Description:
A Production Assistant is a part time, entry-level position, responsible for various on-air and pre-production duties associated with putting on a daily newscast. No education is required, but you must be a hard worker, responsible, and willing to learn.

Duties and responsibilities:
• Duties include: Studio camera operation, teleprompter operation, audio operation, graphic computer operation, cleaning, and other general studio maintenance.
• Pre-Show: All production assistants edit video off VOD and use non-linear editing equipment until 30 minutes to the live broadcast.
• Audio Operator: Review audio board to ensure all controls are where they should be and that all buttons are in the correct positions. Audio is responsible in part for making sure all mics are plugged in and that they are in working order, by getting mic checks with the camera operator. Use of iPad during the newscast to follow along with scripts/anchors. Mic anchors and videos as directed by the director of the show.
• Camera Operator: Turn on all lights in the studio and make sure they are all working. If there is a bulb is burned out, let the director know immediately. Camera operators will work with the audio operator to make sure all mics are plugged in and a sound check on all microphones are required a half hour before the show begins. Camera operator must stand by the camera they are giving cues to. If there is only one camera operator in the building, you will need to go from one camera to the other to give cues to the proper camera. You will need to listen very closely to the director for the proper cues. Camera operators must be knowledgeable in hand cues that are used during the live newscasts.
• Graphics: Making full screen graphics for the live newscasts. Graphics artists must make graphics according to the producer’s demands on a story. Making quarter frames (QF’s) are at the discretion of the graphic artist and time that is remaining after all full screen graphics are made. This person needs to be creative and also knowledgeable in Photoshop and have some understanding of our “Expression” program.

Qualifications include:
• Ability to work with computers
• Work odd or extended hours
• Ability to work closely with others
• Have a positive attitude
• Stand or sit for long periods of time
• Ability to multitask and work under the deadline pressure of a live newscast

Working conditions:
A Production Assistant must be able to be flexible to work odd or extended hours and have a passion for the duty that you are assigned to for the day/week. The ideal candidate has the ability to work well under pressure of a live newscast. Also, move quickly and swiftly throughout a show.

Physical requirements:
This job required you to be quick on your feet at times. There is no required lifting or moving of heavy objects aside from the studio cameras, which are wheeled tripods. Pulling and pushing a camera from one spot on the floor to the next.

Apply in person:
3600 S. Westport Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Or e-mail resume to:
Please put Production Assistant in subject line.

KDLT-TV is an equal opportunity employer.