Find The Perfect Shoes At ‘Fit My Feet’

It’s finally here! It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, shopping week of the year. A lot of the focus has been on black Friday, and now Thursday has been thrown into the mix, but there’s another day just as important. Small business Saturday has become more well-known as of late, and this week on KDLT, we’re introducing you to some area businesses taking part.

Nick Kolterman, owner of Fit My Feet, says Fit My Feet began three years ago under the focus of providing patients with a foot consultation along with providing a variety of shoes to purchase. Kolterman says the whole staff are orthotics and prosthetics practitioners who can properly fit your feet with the right shoes. He says he carries many different brands that can help with a number of problems, whether someone has ankle issues, knee problems, or back pain.

Kolterman says they offer free foot sizing and consultations. In fact, the first thing Kolterman says he does when people walk in the door is measure their foot. After being measured, he can determine which shoe fits best. Kolterman says 78 percent of people will have foot problems at some point in their life, but most people don’t get it checked. He says wearing the right shoe for your foot can prevent a lot of future pain and issues.

This Saturday, Kolterman says Fit My Feet will have a number of special deals on shoes, and he’ll have many new shoes as well.

Fit My Feet is located at 29th Street and Minnesota Avenue. For more information, click here.