Corson Pink Ladies Receive Anonymous Gold Coin Gift

"It's going to be given right back to the community to someone fighting cancer”

screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-2-57-28-pmBRANDON, S.D. – Friday night we’re continuing our KDLT Cares series.

About two months ago, we were contacted by a man who said he wanted to give back without receiving any of the credit.

We’ve already distributed portions of his gift to a baby battling cancer, a nonprofit who helps women at risk of homeless and the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

The next lucky recipients are a group of ladies helping others fight cancer.

There are 100 women behind Corson’s “Bottoms Up” Pink Ladies.

Throughout the year, they put on fundraisers, usually related to the game darts, to raise money for those battling cancer.

And now their donation jar is filling up even more thanks to a coin, delivered to them with a letter.

“Dear Corson Pink Ladies, we would like to donate this gold coin to be used as you see fit in your fight against breast cancer,” reads the president of the group Jennifer Luitjens. “We look for good people with big hearts who do great things. It sounds like you ladies, in combination with Troy at Bottoms Up make a great team. We hope that this coin and the coverage it may bring for you will help bring in more donations. We love your cause, we love your group and we love that you have fun while you do this good work. From anonymous.”

The group celebrated even more when they found out how much the gold coin is worth – anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500.

“It’s going to be given right back to the community to someone fighting cancer,” says Luitjens.

Luitjens says over the past three years the nonprofit has helped a couple hundred men, women and children battling cancer, giving away close to $80,000.

“We don’t give a lot, but we give a lot of heart and soul,” she says. “To see the looks on their faces that this one little gift can help immensely, it’s more than what they expected.”

And the group knows firsthand how hard the battle can be.

Last January, they lost one of their own.

“Her kids are actually here and a couple of her really good friends,” says Luitjens. “I’m not even going to turn around to look because I won’t be able to continue talking.”

The loss is motivating these women to continue helping those in similar situations.

“It’s the money to make their car payments for the month that they might be struggling with or the rent or the portion of the mortgage,” Luitjens says.

Each person they raise money for, receives $500. They can use it anyway they want to.

And with their new gold coin, Luitjens says they’ll keep giving back to others.

The Pink Ladies nonprofit started in Yankton in 2011.

There are now several chapters including the one in Corson, as well as Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen and Mitchell.

The Corson chapter’s next fundraiser is on New Year’s Day.

They’ll be hosting a dart tournament at Bottoms Up in Brandon.

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