Governor signs “Uber Bill” Into Law, Effective July 1

Uber has not announced intentions to begin operation in South Dakota

House Bill 1091 or more commonly known as, the “Uber Bill,” was signed into law on Tuesday.

Now, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are considered “Transportation Network Companies,” or TNC’s, meaning they don’t have to follow the same legal requirements as taxis do.

In early November, the Sioux Falls city council passed an ordinance that would allow drivers to offer rides in the city.

One former Uber driver says Sioux Falls is the perfect place to do business.

“Sioux falls is a great market for Uber. I think we have a lot of opportunities when it comes to events and late nights when people are out it gives them a chance to get a safe ride,” said Josh Grode Wolters, who drove for Uber in Chicago.

Grode Walters says he drove roughly 40 hours in a 2-month time period and made roughly $20/hour before expenses.

Uber has not made any official announcements of whether or not they will start operation in South Dakota at this time.

The link for drivers to being the application process is:

The link for new riders to receive up to $15 off their first ride is: