New Gallery Giving Native American Art A Voice

A new art gallery will soon be opening its doors to the public, with one goal in mind. With a modern twist on the artwork, the gallery is hoping to show people what the Native American culture means to them in the present through Post Pilgrim.

“It is a real honor to be a Native woman running a Native gallery.”

Six years ago, Jennifer White moved from Yankton to Sioux Falls to pursue an art career.

“You’re next painting becomes more challenging and the next one becomes even more meaningful and then it becomes more thoughtful and,” White explained, “as the process progresses, you realize like ‘I’m a good painter. I can paint, man, this is great.'”

Now, she’s preparing for the next part of that career: Post Pilgrim.

“I want something that will demand attention and I wanted it to say we are here taking ourselves seriously,” Jennifer White, artist, curator and owner of Post Pilgrim said.

From Wyoming to Pine Ridge, the walls are filled with art.

“Air brush, we have post modern faces, we have photography, we have sculpture,” White explained. “There’s a real finesse and nuance of our culture but with completely modern technique and style.”

All created by Native American artists, such as Robert Martinez, Galen LaRoche, Dwayne Wilcox and Paul High Horse.

Robert Martinez, who’s from Wyoming and specializes in air brush, was speechless when White approached him, “It’s a great space for Native artists to create and bring their creations to an audience that can see what they want to do rather than what most people would come to expect when they think of native art.”

Both Jennifer White and Robert Martinez commented on the typical artwork that visitors may think they’ll see, from teepee paintings to wolves and feathers.

White says that, especially during this time period, art is a nice outlet to say how we [Native Americans] are feeling as a community without being over aggressive or over assertive, “We are kinda focusing on the future here at Post Pilgrim. The past is written, we can’t rewrite it but we can, we can, have complete control of our futures.”

She went on to say that Native art is especially helpful for Native children and gives them a healthy way of expressing what they’re feeling and what they’re going through.

Post Pilgrim will open its doors on Saturday and is located within the Last Stop CD Shop on East 10th street. You can like Post Pilgrim on Facebook by clicking here as well as visiting the Post Pilgrim Art Gallery website here.