Mark O’s Memories-A Dynasty Begins For The Storm

The Storm's First Title Came On The Road Against A Future NFL Star

The first time for anything is usually the most memorable…and in the case of the Storm winning there first title in 2005 on the road against all odds, it was pretty cool.

They have steam-rolled to several titles since. But it came as a surprise the first year they were crowned champions…

The team struggled to an 8-8 record in the regular season and barely even made the playoffs. Terrance Bryant was benched during the season. But he responded how Kurtiss Riggs had hoped… And they roared into the championship game in Sioux City against a team that featured Fred Jackson, arguably the best back in Arena FB history who’s still going strong in the NFL all these years later. SC led 38-23…

But the Storm rallied in a very hostile environment, pulling to within 1… When Adam Hicks booted the game-winning FG in the final seconds, it gave Sioux Falls a dramatic 40-38 win…

Casey Veenhoff:”Adam Hicks came through with the biggest kick of his life, it was unbelievable…”

Nate Fluitt:”That’s why Hicks is money. It was a good feeling to have the game on his shoulders—If it came down to it and it did. You just can’t believe the feeling when it goes through the uprights….”

Adam Hicks:”Yeah I kind of figured it would come down to that. It’s just the way it is for me, but I’m glad it did…”

Mark: Wow, all’s I can say is wow! (Mike Aldrich celebrates passing by)

It was the first of 9 titles in an 11 year span, but none were as memorable as this game at the Tyson Event Center in Sioux City