“It’s The Pinnacle of Their High School Career:” MHS Crowns Homecoming Royalty

Tayler Reichelt and Harley Wittstruck were crowned homecoming king and queen

Tayler Reichelt and Harley Wittstruck are just like every other student at Mitchell High School, with the exception of one minor detail that sets them apart from the rest of the student body: They’re royalty.

On Monday night the pair was crowned homecoming king and queen.

Harley and Tayler were surprised, but the rest of the student body not so much.

“When I heard that he was nominated, I was really happy,” said Jayci Hinker, Tayler’s cousin. “But you knew from that moment that he and Harley were going to get queen and king, just because they’re the sweetest kids in our school.”

It’s a coronation that some say says a lot about the students that make up Mitchell high.

“It says that they’re compassionate. They’re accepting,” said Cindy Bierman, Mitchell High School Resource Room Teacher
But for Harley and Tayler, it was their bright personalities -above anything else- that earned them their crowns.

“Harley’s favorite color is yellow and that’s so typical, she is miss sunshine,” said Bierman. “Every morning she stands in the cafeteria door and just greets everybody, I swear, she knows all 800 plus students here and the faculty.”

Harley says she’s enjoying her new royal getup.

“It feels pretty good just walking down the halls with this crown on it feels really, really awesome. I just loved getting and I just figured it wear it all week, I mean, why not?”

Queen Harley says she’s making full use of her crown while she’s got it. Because once their royal reign is over, she and King Tayler go back to being just like everyone else.