Two Day Event Showing First Responders Appreciation

Each day, first responders risk their lives serving and protecting those in their communities… sometimes paying the ultimate price. Which is why, as a way to show their appreciation to the men and women who risk their lives, South Dakota Salutes is hosting a free, two day event in Humboldt.

“These are the people that serve and protect us twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,” says South Dakota Salute’s co-founder Tony Bour. Over the last 5 to 6 weeks, himself as well as Paul Muth have been putting together the free, two day event.

Whether they’re currently serving or have served in the military, law enforcement personnel or are an EMT South Dakota Salutes is showing its appreciation by hosting some friendly shooting tournaments, which South Dakota’s own Attorney General Marty Jackley took part in.

“The rifle and pistol tournaments are every hour, a new tournament. And then we have three, sporting clays tournaments,” says Bour. Tournaments like clay pigeon shooting as well as seeing how fast one can shoot down a line of bowling pins.

And in between the shots, first responders are not only able to meet one another and show appreciation for their individual lines of duty, they’re able to take a day or two to have fun.

“[I’m] Shooting with some guys I’ve never met before,” explained Turner County Sheriff Bryon Nogelmeier. “I don’t think I’m showing them up.”  Further saying, after getting heckled by those he was shooting with, that he did recognize someone at the event “We live kinda close, one lived in Worthing and then I live in Parker, obviously, but the names kinda clicked but we never met each other. It’s fun to just have fun with other guys and other people, you know?”

While the two day event is free, South Dakota Salutes is raising money through donations from private and company sponsors because sometimes, serving and protecting citizens costs the ultimate price.

“We’re putting the other money into a trust fund, a scholarship trust fund for the family’s of the fallen heroes that die in the line of action,” said Tony Bour, co-founder of South Dakota Salutes. He went on to explain that him and Paul Muth, the other co-founder, estimate that expenses will cost nearly half of their goal of $100,000.

The event is schedule to begin tomorrow at 9AM at the Hunters Pointe Shooting Complex south of Humboldt. Bour says that first responders can still register and take part in the events on Tuesday.

If you’d like to take part, make a donation or look at the schedule of events, you can find all of the information by clicking here.

Both Bour and Muth also hope to make this an annual event, noting that some of the donors have a multiple year partnership. They also hope to see similar type events begin in neighboring states and, eventually, across the country.