New Ethanol Blend Now Available In Sioux Falls

E-15 now sold at four Kum & Go locations

A cheaper, cleaner blend of fuel has made its way to Sioux Falls.

E-15 pumps made their debut at four Kum & Go gas stations Wednesday, being the first in Sioux Falls to offer the fuel.  Customers could buy the 15 percent ethanol blend for a reduced price of $1.15 Wednesday as part of a promotion.  E-15 is typically ten cents cheaper than E-10.

EPA has approved the use of E-15 in vehicles made in 2001 and newer. Jeff Broin, chairman and CEO of POET says that ethanol is now in 97 percent of gas sold in the United States.

“It’s a cleaner product for the environment, it contains less cancer causing components than lower blends, it’s better for your car engine, and it’s all good for South Dakota’s economy,” Broin says.

POET has spent 8 years working on E-15. The product has been on the market for about one year.