Judge Sides With City In Lawsuit Filed To Stop Administration Building Funding

Judge Mark Salters has sided with the City in a lawsuit brought by “Stop the Funding” leaders Bruce Danielson and Kermit Staggers in an attempt to halt funding on a new city administration building in Sioux Falls.

The lawsuit called for signatures to be validated on a petition that had previously been declared invalid by city clerk Tom Greco. Over 6,000 signatures were not validated due to a copying error of the petitions. One side of the petition was for city ordinances, while the back was a form made for state issues.

The case was brought to court Wednesday, with the ruling coming down Thursday afternoon.

Judge Salters’ ruling states that Danielson and Staggers did not present enough evidence that Greco was legally obligated to validate the signatures.

“Stop the Funding” has released a statement saying, “[We] respect the decision of the Court in this matter. We are disappointed in the ruling and will continue on with our efforts to bring about changes to the way Sioux Falls city government responds to the citizens.”

The group says they are considering the next steps in effort to halt funding to the proposed administration building. They are calling on the Sioux Falls City Council to delay the sale of the bonds. “Stop the Funding” says they want to see the bonds come to a vote.