Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital Acquires Prairie States Surgical Center

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital announced Thursday that it has purchased Prairie States Surgical Center, an independent Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) located at 2908 E. 26th Street in Sioux Falls.

Prior to the purchase, the facility was owned by the physicians at CORE Orthopedics.

“I’m looking forward to beginning this new venture with Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital and the opportunities it offers our team and our patients,” said Dr. Gregory Alvine.

“Sioux Falls Specialty is Hospital is committed to continuing to provide our patients the most extraordinary care in the region. Patients want choice and options in their healthcare and the addition of Prairie States to our team will give them exactly that. Our 5-Star recognition is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and
the highest level of satisfied patients. We are excited about the new options we will be able to make available for our patients,” says Dr. Blake Curd, CEO.