“We’re Disappointed:” Petitioners React to Judge’s Ruling on Admin Building

Minnehaha County Circuit Court Judge Mark Salter ruled signatures collected were invalid

Those fighting against the proposed city administration building had their day in court this week, trying to convince a judge to allow the nearly 6,500 petition signatures – that were deemed invalid – to stand, thus blocking funding for the new building.

When the judge’s ruling came down Thursday evening, organizers say there’s one word to sum up their feelings about it:

“First off, we’re disappointed,” said Bruce Danielson.

Disappointed, after spending months pushing back against a proposed city administrations building and collecting nearly 6,500 signatures to support their fight, sponsors of “Stop the Funding” have come up short.

“We really wanted this to work,” said Danielson. “We knew from the very beginning this was a hard fought battle. Everything was going against us from the moment we started this thing.”

Minnehaha County Circuit Court Judge Mark Salter ruled that the signatures collected were in fact, invalid, because they were collected on the wrong form.

The ruling means Sioux Falls voters will not vote on whether or not to fund a new city administration building, and the city will move forward on selling bonds for it.

Despite the “disappointing” ruling, petition organizer Danielson says there is a silver lining, that this fight has influenced more people to wake up, and start getting involved in city government.

“We’re starting something here. We’ve watched the city council activity pick up. We have a lot of discussion about what’s actually going on in city government, and that’s the greatest benefit to this whole thing right at this moment if we want to look at a silver lining, it’s looking at how often Carnegie on Tuesdays at 7 o’clock is filled.”