‘Hope For Heather Tott’

The sister of a Sioux City woman with MS organized a fundraiser to help with treatment

The Boiling Point in Brandon hosted a bean bag tournament, raffle and drink special all for a good cause.

The proceeds are going to Heather Tott, a 25-year-old Sioux City mom who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 8 years now.

Tott has recently been accepted into a stem cell replacement program in California.

But the cost is a little steep: $15,000.

Right now, the auto immune disease is attacking Tott’s nervous system in her spine, making it hard for her brain to give signals down to the left side of her body.

She says the program will take stem cells from her body, energize them and introduce them back into her body, to repair the damage MS has done.

“This means that, I love to dance and be crazy, and I have two kids so would love to just dance around, run around the house with them, be able to go to my sons games without having someone push me in wheel chair, just to have my independence back,” says Tott.

Tott says it’s hard for her to walk, bend over and lift heavy items.

She says if she doesn’t raise the money, she’ll have to back out of the program.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help with her medical expenses.