Platte Police Investigating Baby Swing Rigged with Fishing Hooks

Police say juvenile is responsible, calling the situation a "lapse in judgement"

Platte Police say they now know who is responsible for what they’re calling a “heinous act” at a public playground.

Platte Police say they were notified Saturday afternoon of a baby swing at South Park in Platte that had been tampered with.

A man was lowering his granddaughter into a swing when he noticed the swing had been rigged with fishing hooks.

Four hooks were attached to the seat with fishing line, two on each side of the swing.

Only one swing at the park appeared to have been tampered with.

Police posted an update to Facebook Saturday night, stating the party responsible was a very young juvenile and the situation was a quote “lapse in judgement” rather than a despicable prank.

Police say there is no threat of further danger but still ask all parents and guardians remain vigilant when taking children to public parks.