Ballot Initiative Measure Representatives Suspect Campaign To Come Out Against Them

After getting wind of an upcoming campaign, supporters for three different measures that will be on November’s ballot got together to remind people to read up on all the measures, and more importantly, to vote.

Representatives from Initiated Measure 21, 22 and Amendment T announced today that the State Republican Party along with the State Chamber of Commerce, are going to team up for a blanket ‘vote no’ campaign.

The three say when they’ve reached out to legislators to get support, the response they get is that they can’t because they’re state political party is telling them the strategy is to vote no.

They say this is an attempt to reject all 10 of the ballot initiatives.

“Voting no is easy, and it’s kind of a lazy way out, not voting is even worse,” says Initiated Measure 22 Representative Jeff Hanson. “So I would just encourage people just spend some time, spend some very short time studying and analyzing the ballot. Decide for yourself, but you don’t need to follow on a blanket rule.”

Initiated Measure 22 supports capping lobbyist’s gifts to politicians at $100 a year.

Initiated Measure 21 supports an interest rate cap of 36 percent on short term loans.

Amendment T supports creating an independent redistricting commission.