Grant Helps Add Two New Officers To SFPD

Sioux Falls Police will be adding two more officers to the department thanks to help from a national grant.
The department applied for the grant through the Department of Justice’s COPS Office or the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. In 2016, the department awarded $119 million in grant money to 184 law enforcement agencies across the nation. Sioux Falls Police was awarded $250,000 spread out over a 3-year period. Over the last five years, the city has been able to add 12 officers to the department as a result of the grant.

Sioux Falls Police Department Chief Matt Burns said, “not every time you put in for these type of awards are you successful but we have had a run of good fortune in that program. These grants go, continue to help us support our engagement with the citizens through our community policing efforts and so we’re very pleased to awarded this grant.”

As part of the 2017 budget, the City Council approved funding for four officers. The grant will help fund two of those new positions. Including those officers, Sioux Falls will have a total of 256 in 2017. That’s a record number for the department.