12th Street Bridge Completed A Month Ahead Of Schedule

City officials announced Wednesday that the 12th Street Bridge project in Sioux Falls is complete.
Construction on the $7.4 million project began in March and started impacting traffic in May. The bridge was completed this past Thursday, more than a month ahead of schedule.

The contractor, D & G Construction, earned an incentive of $300,000 because it was completed early. D & G says there were some challenges. They had to funnel more than 21,000 cars through the area each day. They also had to work around the trains that would travel underneath the bridge up to six times a day.

Good weather and advanced construction materials played a part in getting the project done early, but the bridge builders, Cramer & Associates, worked around the clock.

D & G Construction General Contractor Greg Branaugh said, “They worked seven days a week, every single day of the week they worked. There were two crews off and on; four days on, four days off, every holiday, every weekend, every Sunday they were out here working.”

D & G also says having good neighbors and businesses to work with nearby helped move the project along as well. Despite the fact that the bridge was affecting their business, they say the Vietnamese Restaurant in the area would provide water for them every day.