Do You Know The Vice Presidential Candidates?

Tuesday night, it was the vice presidential candidates’ turn to square off.

But before Mike Pence and Tim Kaine took the stage, we wanted to know, do you know who they are?

A KDLT crew visited Augustana University to find out.

While the majority of the answers were “no.” there was one “yes.”

“I know who they are, I know they’re policies, but me watching the debate, I don’t know how much I could get from it,” says Business and Government major Adam Guthmiller. “I would rather just read the news afterward and see what has been summarized.”

“I think it’s kind of difficult to get a large number of people to get involved in politics in general and I think that the vice presidential candidates aren’t going to be able to if the presidential candidates themselves cannot,” adds Augie junior Cole Bruening.

For one student who didn’t know who Mike Pence and Tim Kaine were, they want to learn now.

“I’m not like a huge politics person, but since I can vote now and I’m going to vote, I feel like I should start paying more attention to it,” says freshman Hanah Ladenburger.

“I’ve heard of more about Mike Pence,” adds junior Haley Laughlin. “I feel like Trump is in the media more, so you just hear them as a tag team.”

The next debate will be on Sunday with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump facing off for the second time.