Suspect Tased, Tackled By Police As Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Bust

Two suspects are under arrest and police are searching for a third after investigators say a traffic stop leads to a drug bust in Wagner.

Early this morning, around 4:30 a.m., Wagner police say one of their officers, James Flynn, conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle for suspicious behavior near the Catholic Church in Wagner.  The suspect vehicle was blacked out with occupants inside.  The driver reportedly put the vehicle in reverse with all its lights off, but upon seeing Officer Flynn’s squad car, he put the vehicle back in park.

The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle.  Police describe the driver as a known male in the Wagner area, but have not released the suspect’s identity.  There was also a front seat passenger and a backseat passenger, both males whose identities haven’t been released.  Police say the officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. 

As Officer Flynn was trying to speak with the males, the driver allegedly started reaching around his seat to the backseat floor where a pellet rifle was located.  Flynn told the driver to get out of the car.  The driver did and police say he began resisting.  Officer Flynn grabbed the suspect’s arm as he tried to run away and the driver pulled his arm back as if he was going to punch the officer.

Charles Mix County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Mclaughlin had arrived on scene to assist Officer Flynn.  As the driver allegedly tried to hit Flynn, Mclaughlin deployed his taser on him, but it was ineffective as he was able to fight through it.  Officer Flynn tackled the suspect, but he continued to fight both officers on the ground.  Mclaughlin called for emergency backup.  Yankton Sioux Tribal Officer Louis Young got on scene and all three were able to get the driver into custody. 

During the fight, the backseat passenger fled from the scene on foot.  Police say he’s been identified by law enforcement and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

Inside the vehicle, police say they found drugs and weapons.  There were two bags of meth, each bag about 3.7 grams, one 1.65 gram bag of black tar heroin, small empty baggies for what police call presumptive sales, a knife and a pellet rifle. 

The driver was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Heroin, Possession With Intent to Distribute, Ingesting Meth, Resisting Arrest.

The front seat passenger was arrested for Ingestion of Methamphetamine.