Focused Grevlos Finishes Remarkable Season

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Focus has never been a problem for Will Grevlos.

“My dad just put a club in my hand and I just started swinging when I was probably two or three years old!” Will says.

Which is really say something considering his Washington teammates.

“We just have great guys on the team and we just all played great and it’s just awesome that we all performed.” Grevlos said as his teammates photobombed him.

And it helped Grevlos become one of the state’s top golfers starting as an 8th grader, and into last year when he won the City Championship.

“I don’t hit many drivers but I hit a lot of fairways with my woods. And that gets me in the positions to get close to the pins on my approach shots.” Grevlos says.

Putting it all together at the state tournament, where he’d never finished higher than fourth,had been a challenge, one Will was ready for this year.

“I’ve been playing really good this season, probably my best golf I’ve played. I really had a strong game plan.” Will says.

In two windy days at Moccasin Creek in Aberdeen, Grevlos shot a six under par 138, smashing a 20-year old individual scoring record to win the individual title, and helping the Warriors win their first team title in eight years.

“You know one of the unique things about Will in this tournament is in both days in the tournament he hit one driver. He just handled it so well. He handled it like a champ.” Washington Head Golf Coach Doug Rinken says.

“It’s extremely satisfying. I mean, playing good all season to be able to carry that.” Grevlos says.

As a senior next year college will be chasing Grevlos as he chases his own scoring record. Something that won’t faze Will’s will.

“I probably won’t be thinking about that next year, I’ll just be thinking about my shots ahead of me.” Will says.