Hunting Lodges Prepare For Pheasant Rush

Fine Tuning The Details Is What's Left Before Non-Resident Weekend Kicks Off

This weekend kicks off pheasant hunting season in South Dakota for hunters from out of state.

They’ll join South Dakotans for the biggest hunt of the year.

For hunting lodges like Granite Springs in Alexandria, now is the time to fine tune details before their eager guests arrive.

Manger Kristy Berg said they hope to get everything squared away before the rush starts.

From preparing staff to getting rooms in order, Berg said they want their lodge to look like it’s been waiting for its guests.

“When they come, we want them to come in and enjoy their time here and not seen any of the behind the scenes aspect,” said Berg.

When preparing the lodge for guests from around the country, they envision the lodge as their own home.

Berg said it’s like preparing for a visit from in-laws.

“These guys aren’t only hunters for us, they’re friends and family now once they repeat, come back and forth, come back every year. They are a part of Granite Springs for us,” said Berg.

Berg said the tradeoff for all the stresses of preparation is worth what their annual visits bring to their home town.

“With the hunters coming in, they can gas up at our local gas stations, the local grocery stores and grab some stuff,” said Berg.

Berg said Granite Springs Lodge hosts around 250 hunters each year between October and December.

She said they’re preparing for an increase in hunters this season.