Lennox Students Up For The Challenge

Sioux Empire United Way brings Challenge Day to local schools

Some extra learning is taking place in classrooms all across South Dakota.

Thursday morning in Lennox, the high school was filled with students taking part in Challenge Day.

The Sioux Empire United Way brought Challenge Day to the area about four years ago.

The goal is to teach middle school and high school students about sympathy, empathy and respect for their classmates.

“We all have our own things going on in life, some challenges in our world and we’re not alone. A lot of people are going through, maybe, similar things. For those who are going through that similar thing, maybe we can have empathy for one another,” said Kristi Kranz with the Sioux Empire

Challenge Day is a national program that started in 1987, serving over 1 million teens in 8 countries, across 48 states.

The actual Challenge Day is a 6.5 hour long program for 100 students and 25 adult volunteers, who are led by two highly trained Challenge Day staff members.

The day includes provoking games, activities, and discussions aimed at breaking down walls of separation, and building new levels of respect and communication.

About 1,600 students will be impacted by the program this year.