University President Donates Funds To Help Cover Costs of University Plane

Iowa State University president helps repair plane damaged in landing

Iowa State University President Steven Leath has donated $2,500 more to make up for the costs of his accident in a university airplane.
Leath and his wife announced previously they’d donated $15,000 to the university to compensate for repair and storage costs the school originally paid after a July 2015 hard landing in ISU’s single-engine plane.
The school said Wednesday the Leaths gave an additional $2,500 after learning the actual costs were $17,300. The original payment was based on an estimate for repair costs that was low.
A pilot, Leath is trying to move beyond questions about his use of university planes for a mix of official travel and personal business. The Board of Regents is reviewing whether he violated policies.
The accident came as the Leaths returned from vacation.