‘Loving Mothers’ Celebrates Women Involved In The Decision Of Adoption

"You know you're breaking your own heart, but you're healing someone elses"

One woman is ready to have a child, but physically cant.

Another woman is having a child, but can’t provide for it.

These are two different hardships many are facing today, but one solution can turn all of it around, and that’s adoption.

“As I had her I took it pretty hard,” Says Monique Flood. “But it’s the best, happiest choice I have ever made for her.”

Flood gave her baby girl up for adoption two years ago.

“I was already struggling with the son I already had and I knew I couldn’t give her the best life that I could for her,” explains Flood.

The organization ‘Loving Mother’s’ put on an event at the Washington Pavilion to honor those like Monique, who loved their baby so much, they chose a different home for it.

“It’s hard you know you’re breaking your own heart but you’re healing someone elses,” says Flood.

“My husband and I tried for about 7 years to have a child biologically, and once you started exploring it just opened up the beautiful opportunity to adopt, we have three adopted children,” says Kimberly Shemon of Sioux Falls.

One of those children is Anna, who performed during the ‘Adoption Celebration’ event.

“We have three have three beautiful birth moms that gave us three children and we just couldn’t be more thankful,” says Shemon.

“It’s just normal, we’re just other couples’ children just like biological children, it’s something to be celebrated, definitely not something to be ashamed about,” says 18-year-old Angelina Gibson.

Gibson says she’s thankful her birth mom chose adoption.

“She was a teen mother; it wouldn’t have been good,” says Gibson. “I was born in a part of South Korea where it wouldn’t have been a good future for me.”

Proving that while it may be the hardest decision, adoption is also the most selfless.

“In the end, you’ll feel it, you’ll feel happy,” says Flood.

To coincide with Saturday’s event, November is Adoption Awareness Month and November 15 is World Adoption Day.