Nesiba To Police: The Victim Was Playing “Hard To Get”

Augustana professor and SD legislator, Reynold Nesiba was arrested for sexual contact without consent

A recently elected South Dakota legislator and economic professor at Augustana University is now behind bars for one count of sexual contact without consent.

The victim reported to police that 50-year-old Reynold Nesiba did not listen to her when she told him they could only be friends.

Unhooking her bra, grabbing her chest, putting his hand down the front of her pants and picking her up and pushing her against a wall in a rough manner.

A 51-year-old victim told police that’s what Nesiba did on September 26th.

According to court documents, the two met on Facebook.

They met up a couple of times and engaged in sexual intercourse once.

But before the victim invited Nesiba over that night, she texted him saying it wouldn’t be sexual.

The victim told police that she also verbally said “no” to Nesiba multiple times.

At one point, the victim found Nesiba naked in her bed.

When she got mad, he put her clothes back on.

However, on September 30th, Nesiba told police “there seemed to be ambiguity in terms of what the victim did or did not want”, later stating she was playing “hard to get.”

He said he was greeted at the door with a kiss that night, and they continued to kiss once he was inside.

He also admitted to unhooking the victim’s bra, but he stated the victim seemed to like it.

Nesiba said “he did not use any sort of force or cause any harm that he knew of.”

However, an arrest warrant was filed on November 9th, and Nesiba was arrested Monday afternoon.

This may cut his political career short.

Nesiba ran unopposed as a democrat and was elected into the open District 15 South Dakota state senator seat.

The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement:

“These charges should be taken very seriously. While the legal system does its work in discovering the truth in this matter, it is inappropriate to comment any further.”

Nesiba is also a long-time professor at Augustana University.

According to he was liked by his students.

Many of them posted comments calling him “awesome”, “a great teacher” and the “funniest guy in the world”.

The University says it does not have a comment on the incident at this time.

According to Reynold Nesiba’s background check, he has no previous serious criminal charges.