‘We want to make him feel better.’: Students Make Cards For Child With Cancer

It may be a small gesture, but it’s making a big difference for the family of an infant diagnosed with cancer. Little Cameron Auch has received hundreds of cards from children in the Sioux Falls School District offering their support, hoping that he gets better.

“Get Better Soon,” said McCartney Watson when we asked what he was writing to Cam.

McCartney may not know what cancer is, but the first grader knows what it feels like to be sick. So when he and his classmates at Cleveland Elementary heard that their teacher’s nephew wasn’t feeling well, they wanted to do something to help.

Watson said, “We want to make him feel better and so we want to write to him and be nice.”

The kids decided words from the heart was exactly what Cam and his family needed after he was diagnosed with Congenital Angiosarcoma. The four month old had a a tumor removed from his cheek in late October. Now the infant is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Cleveland Elementary First Grade Teacher and Cam’s Aunt Ashley Winterton said, “They’re just saying ‘I love you’ and ‘get better’ and ‘you’re so strong’ and it’s really amazing the powerful things that these kids are writing.”

Now the cards are catching on.

Winterton said, “As we were making cards, one of my boys said ‘i’m going to have my sister make a card’ and then another first grader decided to have Mrs. Lafrentz’s class make a card and that turned into all of Cleveland making a card for Cam.”

Twelve other schools have gotten on board too.  Around 600 have already been delivered.

“When Zach and Courtney are getting them it’s really lifting them up in a tough time,” said Winterton.

And even more ‘Get Better’s’ and ‘I Love You’s’ are on the way.

On Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m., there is a soup fundraiser being held for Cam at King of Glory Church on East 17th Street in Sioux Falls. There is also a donation page that has been set up for his family at YouCaring.com.

Coming up Wednesday on KDLT News, we’ll hear from Cam’s parent about his rare diagnosis and his future.