Daugaard: Teachers Seeing Higher Pay After Funding Hike

Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s office says public school teachers across South Dakota are seeing their salaries rise due to a sales tax hike and education funding overhaul that lawmakers approved this year.
The governor’s office said Thursday the average salary for the current budget year is projected at nearly $47,000, a jump of almost 12 percent. South Dakota’s teacher pay was the lowest in the nation in 2013-14.
The preliminary information shows the state is moving toward the overhaul’s target average salary of $48,500, progress that Daugaard called “incredible.”
Daugaard shepherded the half-cent sales tax hike and new school funding formula through the GOP-held Legislature.
The administration says final budget year 2017 salary data won’t be available until next fall, after the end of the current budget year, which runs through June.