The Fight Of His Life: Infant Diagnosed With Rare Form Of Cancer

A four month old from Sioux Falls is in the fight of his life, battling a rare form of cancer. His family says only a few others in the world share his same diagnosis.

Little Cameron Auch’s shirt may say it all, because all his life, he has been a fighter.

“You would think that it would be rough, he’s been surprisingly energetic and happy,” said Cameron’s Father Zach Auch.

Since the day Cameron was born. he had what looked like a bruise under his eye. Despite treatment, it continued to grow larger, eventually into a tumor. Later his parents, Zach and Courtney, would find out it was malignant: Congenital Angiosarcoma.

“Once we heard that it was cancer, it was really emotional,” Zach said.

“How does a four month old have cancer since birth?” asked Cameron’s Mother Courtney Auch. “My first thought was ‘What did I do wrong? Is there something I did wrong during the pregnancy?”

While Cam had surgery to remove the tumor, some of the cancer still remains. His little body is now undergoing chemo and soon radiation almost everyday. Because it will take place so close to his eye, it’s likely he will lose some or all of his vision on the right side.

“They think that for sure they’ll be some surgeries later on whether it’s plastic surgery or something with his eyes,” Zach said.

Even though he’s already gone what few will in a lifetime, you wouldn’t know it.

“He’s eating, sleeping, and then he wants to stand up and play so it really hasn’t changed his world much,” said Zach.

Zach and Courtney say the outpouring of support from the community is getting them through. His big sister’s upbeat personality doesn’t hurt too.

Harper reading to Cameron, “You rock, Baby Cam!”

On Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m., there is a fundraiser being held for Cam at King of Glory Church on East 17th Street in Sioux Falls. There is also a donation page that has been set up for Cam and his family.