Local Vet Brings Awareness To Flag Etiquette

"The only thing showing is the stars representing our motto: 'In God We Trust'"

It’s a story that showcases the power of social media.

Three months ago, a Sioux Falls Veteran came across a flag that wasn’t properly folded.

So he decided to fix it and post the simple act on social media.

The response has been huge.

“If you’re folding the flag by yourself, you’ll need something to keep the flag elevated,” says Nolan Ruby as he’s folding up his American flag.

It’s a task that doesn’t take long, and it’s one that Combat Marine Veteran Nolan Ruby has been doing since he was a little boy.

“My grandfather taught all of his grandchildren how to fold the flag and he taught us on the same flag.”

So when Ruby came across a crumpled up flag in a local high school field house while he was working as a Coca-Cola distributor, it didn’t sit well.

“The fact that that could happen and no one knew or thought it was a big enough deal to fix it, was just kind of frustrating,” he says.

The Veteran doesn’t believe someone intentionally disrespected the flag, but knows there’s a lack of education surrounding it, which is why he chose to fold the flag properly, and shared it on Facebook.

“About a week ago, my phone just started going nuts with emails and messages and batteries lasting like half of what it would, just crazy stuff,” says Ruby.

330,000 people shared his post and 63 commented people from all over like Shreveport, Louisiana and Ft. Smith, Arkansas have commented on it, all thanking Ruby for what he did.

“I think that’s really the success of the post,” explains Ruby. “It’s not a pro-anything post and it’s not an anti-anything post, it’s just, and this is our flag.”

He says the flag is the one item that brings all Americans together, and that’s why it should be treasured.

“The only thing showing is the stars representing our motto: ‘In God We Trust’.”

Ruby has not shared what specific high school field house he found the flag in.

He says he doesn’t want this to take away from emphasizing the importance of proper flag etiquette.