Students Compete in Robot Tournament

Elementary and middle schools from the Vermillion, Canton and Harrisburg areas entered into a special tournament today, each bringing their hand-made custom robots.

Harrisburg middle school hosted a robot VEX IQ challenge.

The goal is simple.

Get as many cubes out of your half of the playing field as possible using a robot.

The opponents are doing the same thing on the opposite side, with each rounds lasting one minute and 45 seconds.

The Harrisburg assistant coach says this helps the kids learn mechanical, electrical and problem solving skills.

“The biggest thing that they learn though is teamwork,” says Steve Fox. “They are under a lot of stress, it’s very frustrating to build these robots and figuring out how to not strangle each other is very important.”

Saturday’s event was the first official VEX IQ tournament held in South Dakota, which is a robotics education and competition foundation.