Tree Of Hope On Display In Sioux Falls

McCrossan Boys Ranch tradition helps boys get presents during Christmas

A few special Christmas trees are now on display in Sioux Falls.

Today, boys from McCrossan Boys Ranch decorated the “Tree of Hope” at Hyvee on Minnesota Avenue, Dakota Sports and Scheels.

The trees have the names of the boys at the ranch on them with gift and clothing ideas. People can select a card, buy a gift and then return the gift and card to the tree.

Many of the boys at the ranch have had a difficult life. Some have no family to go home to during the holidays.

They say knowing someone cares about them enough to buy them a Christmas present makes a big difference.

“It just shows me that other people support you and support me, and that I’m not alone in life. There’s other people that could have had the same problems or past as I have, and they’ve shown their support,” says McCrossan Boys Ranch resident Remington.

The cards and gifts must be returned by Sunday, December 25th.
You can also call McCrossan Boys Ranch at (605) 339-1203 to have a card sent to you.