Chef Jamie Begins Filming For National Cooking Show

We first introduced you to Chef Jamie last week.

He just announced that he scored his own cooking show, which will air on 40 different nation-wide markets.

It’ll be called ‘Chef Jamie’s Cooking With Soul.”

But before the shows airs, Chef Jamie and his crew are doing some filming right here in Sioux Falls.

Ode to Food and Drinks is the restaurant that will be featured on the pilot show.

The general manager says he jumped on board to showcase the amazing chefs and restaurants that this area has to offer.

“Sioux Falls is making the news in a lot of different areas and I think the food is the next industry that we can really make a break through, and I think this show will really help,” says Michael Flanner.

‘Chef Jamie’s Cooking With Soul’ premiers on January 15th.

The first season will have a total of 16, one hour long, episodes.