Snow Removal Efforts Continue After Friday Storm

Some residents aren't happy with the lack of plows on neighborhood streets

The City of Sioux Falls continued snow removal efforts from Friday’s storm today.

Mother Nature didn’t help out as much as they planned, so crews had to sweep back through neighborhood streets.

But not everyone is happy with the adjustment days later.

“This is the first time I’m seeing them and I’m surprised to see them now,” says Sioux Falls resident Dean Teut as a snow plow comes down his street. “Usually its better, usually they get right after and do something.”

Teut isn’t happy with the condition of his neighborhood streets.

“We came home yesterday and I had to bounce in with my Tahoe and my wife said, ‘you hurt my neck’, it was that bad.”

A couple of blocks over, Nichole Weaver shares the same opinion.

“A lot of ice chunks, very bumpy, I don’t think they did that road at all.”

The two live near the edge Sioux Falls on the west side.

“On the outskirts of town, especially in the northwest and the northeast with that wind, those areas got more snow,” says Director of Public Works for the City of Sioux Falls Mark Cotter.

Cotter says the original plan was to have Mother Nature run its course in these areas melting the snow.

“We were counting on the three days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that was forecasted to be over 40 degrees,” says Cotter.

Instead, freezing rain and maybe even some snow will be taking the suns place on Tuesday.

With a change in weather, comes a change in plans.

“We went out today with salt on those neighboring streets that had some compacted snow and they are started to break up,” says Cotter. “Then we’re coming behind them with [plows] to cut some of that compacted snow out.”

It’s a sight many are happy to see.

“We have all this equipment, let’s use it,” says Teut.

On Friday The City plowed all emergency, secondary and school zone roads first.

On Monday, many of those core streets are dry and in good condition.

The City encourages anyone dealing with snow problems on their neighborhood streets… to call the number on the bottom of the screen.

That line is open 24 hours a day.

“We’re going to get some feedback from some neighborhoods and we expect it,” says Cotter. “Certainly call us because that’s where we can say were getting a high number of calls here, for example in the northwest area, and now we have some machines out Monday cutting some of the ice out.”