Nybergs Living The Dream In NFL

Karmen and Kirsten Nyberg always wanted to be NFL cheerleaders

Karmen and Kirsten Nyberg of Sioux Falls have made the big-time for cheerleaders… They are professionals, cheering every home game for the Minnesota Vikings, the team they grew up cheering for!

Kirsten Nyberg, Vikings Cheerleader:”You can’t get any closer than being on the field with your favorite players and your favorite team. And then just the fans, the ambiance that comes with it…there’s nothing quite like it…”

And the fact that they are fans makes a huge difference in how well they perform…

Tami Krause, Vikings Cheerleaders Coach:”They engage with the fans in a way that’s really special to watch. To get the chance to be at an event and see them have a conversation with them. It’s excited to see how they can get someone who’s interested in the Vikings to fall in love with the Vikings just by a conversation that they might have.,,That’s a special gift…”

And it makes it even cooler for Kevin Nyberg their dad, knowing that his daughters love the team they cheer for…

Kevin Nyberg, Twins’ Father:”They grew up as Vikings fans and seeing them as little girls dressed up in Vikings cheerleaders outfits and now today they’re actually Vikings cheerleaders. It’s pretty special, very special…”

Kelly Nyberg, Sister:”They are huge Vikings fans and I think that sets them apart from some of the other cheerleaders out there. They’re not doing it because of a paycheck. They’re doing it because they love football and they love the Minnesota Vikings…”

Kirsten is a teacher, who’s students are intrigued by her part-time job. Karmen has gone back to school. All of these cheerleaders have careers in addition to what they do for the Vikings. But it’s doubtful any of them are as excited as the Nyberg twins…

Did you always dream about doing this?

Karmen Nyberg, Vikings Cheerleader:”Yes, I’ve been dreaming about being an NFL cheerleader ever since I was a little girl when I went to my first Vikings game. I wouldn’t really watch the game, I would just watch the cheerleaders. So this is an absolute dream come true…”

Thursday we’ll talk more about what being a professional cheerleader actually means… It’s a little more work than you might think….