Shoppers in Every Aisle on Thanksgiving Eve

Whether it’s the night before taxes are due, or the night before Thanksgiving, some say its human nature to wait until the last minute to get done what we need to get done.

Grocery stores Wednesday evening were a good example of that, as shoppers filled their carts with last-minute essentials before the Thanksgiving holiday.

“It’s the pre-Thanksgiving madness, but everything is rolling really smooth and we have enough employees,” said Nate Swalley, Store Director for the South Sycamore HyVee in Sioux Falls.

With checkers at every register, store is more than prepared for the pre-Thanksgiving rush.

Whether it was a quick trip to pick up forgotten items or a last minute trip to grab the essentials, shoppers stocked their carts with all they need for whatever their thanksgiving celebration may be.

“We are having thanksgiving with our family at my house, so yay!” said Cindy Cunningham.

And many are adding a 24-hour grocery store to the list of things they’re grateful for this holiday season.