A Thanksgiving Tradition: Shopping On Black Friday

Black Friday started as early as 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Day

“We got a tent out, just in case if the snow got really bad, but we didn’t have to use it very much,” said Amanda McConnell as she secured her first-in-line spot in front of Best Buy on Thursday.

McConnell and her husband got in line in front of at 9 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, with their eyes on a 60 inch television. Braving the cold to get a steal of a deal has become how the couple celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Since being married the past few years, we’ve just had fun standing in line. We don’t have any family in the area so we just kinda do our own thing and then we celebrate thanksgiving on Saturday,” she said.

Other families are not so receptive to the idea of their loved ones spending the holiday outside a store.

“They got a heck of a deal on a TV,, so out I came!” said Cody Erickson of Harrisburg. Erickson got in the Best Buy line at 3 p.m. Thursday. “My little brother wasn’t the happiest, but if you see a good deal you gotta get it while you can.”

Most families have incorporated Black Friday shopping into their Thanksgiving tradition.

“We have always designed a shirt to go out so that we could see each other because we’re a little shorter,” said Kyla Kroger, who was wearing the same neon green reindeer shirt as her mother. “So its always been bright or a big hat or something like that so we can be easily seen.”

Kroger says she and her family sponsor other families for Christmas, so their goal while Black Friday shopping is to score the most while making their dollars stretch.

Katie Jansen says her family has split up the holiday between both sides of the family to allow for a little time to shop in the evening.

“Well my family, we do thanksgiving lunch, and then the other side of the family do it on Saturday, so we have the night open and just looking for something to do,” said Jansen.

The National Retail Federation estimates roughly 6 in 10 people will go shopping this holiday weekend, adding up to roughly 140 million Americans. And with stores now offering deals on Thanksgiving Day, many people are taking advantage of the extra hours to shop.