Jury Duty, Arrest Warrant Scams Hit Sioux Empire

The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office says it has received several reports of phone scams in the Sioux Empire.

Capt. Jason Gearman says scammers call people and state they are with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office. The caller tells the person they have an outstanding warrant and need to take care of it right away. The caller states if you don’t pay you will be arrested.

Gearman says these callers can be fairly aggressive in their attempts. He says the scammers ask people to Western Union money or purchase iTunes or gift cards.

Other similar scams involve jury duty or a relative in jail. Authorities ask to please not give them any financial or personal information over the phone. They say these calls generally come from outside of the U.S., and it is almost impossible to trace the origin or recoup a monetary loss.

If you think you have an outstanding warrant you can contact the Sheriff’s Office directly or go to gotwarrants.org.