Find and Make Christmas Gifts at The Pinning Place

If you’re still wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year, why not try something handmade? The Pinning Place Studios has everything you need to have success in making gifts.

Jean Zutz, the owner of The Pinning Place, says she wanted to open a “creative makers’ space” for people who like to craft. The idea came to her as a person who loves to browse Pinterest, a crafting and hobby app. The Pinning Place has sewing rooms, a woodshop, electronics room, and even a kitchen. Zutz says you can do pretty much anything your heart desires, whether it’s coming to a class or spending a block of time there alone to work on your projects. 

Speaking of classes, anyone is welcome to come teach a class for whatever subject they’d like. Zutz says she’ll even do all the set up, schedule, and advertising on social media for you. She can even help determine pricing.

On Saturday, December 3 and Saturday, December 10, The Pinning Place will be the host of Handmade Christmas with Love. Zutz will have eight to 10 stations set up in the studios where you can rotate between stations and make a special gift for someone.

There are two time blocks each day of the event for which you can sign up. For more information, including ticket pricing, click here.

For more about The Pinning Place, click here.