Small Businesses Tap Into Online Shopping Industry

Several Sioux Falls stores are eyeing the Cyber Monday game.

Many small shops are diving into the online industry, including Chelsea’s Boutique on Phillips Avenue.

Marketing lead Aaron Blumer says this is a way to reach more customers.

He says the majority of their sales come from the Sioux Falls area, but recently they’ve been able to reach people in Utah, Iowa, Nebraska and Texas.

He says there’s multiple benefits to shopping at local shop online.

“We buy from wholesalers and bring them in, but we’re able to mark our prices I feel more competitively,” says Blumer. “Also, all the money you spend on our website stays in Sioux Falls.”

He says this has been a good year for online sales.

“Our traffic on our website is up about 40 percent, our orders are up about 180 percent compared to last year.”

Child’s Play Toys across the street has also joined the online world recently launching their website this past summer.

“It is a growing business for us and I think the more people that know about it, especially from people out of town, letting them know that we do have an online store,” says owner Nancy Savage. “Currently we just do toys online so our focus right now is the toy business.”

Both businesses say while they’re happy they can expand online, their main focus is still on those who walk into their store.