City Of Sioux Falls To Replace Streetlights With LED’s

Sioux Falls officials are also looking to replace all of the city’s streetlights with LED lights.

Out of 19,000 streetlights throughout the city, 421 currently have the advanced light bulbs in them.

Those are mainly on the outskirts of town in the new residential developments.

Since installing them, the city has noticed a 46 percent saving in energy cost.

They also found they provide more safety, reducing the shadows on the streets.

“Going forward, the new residential areas will all be LED lighting, new construction projects, interstate projects like Louise coming up next year that will be all LED lighting,” says Light and Power Superintendent Jerry Jongeling.

Changing out the LED lights is expected to take at least five years.

The city has budgeted $350,000 for LED replacements.

Until then, the city is asking for the public’s help in repairing non-functioning streetlights.

They’re encouraging people to report any streetlight outages by calling 605-73-6979 or by going to