Trump: Legal Documents Being Crafted to Remove Him From His Business

UPDATE: Donald Trump’s senior adviser says his adult children are expected to take more control of his business empire as the president-elect works to prevent conflicts of interest before he takes office.
Kellyanne Conway told The Associated Press Wednesday that, “The three adult children who do already work in the corporation are expected to continue in those roles and in fact increase their responsibilities in those roles.”
The incoming president tweeted Wednesday that legal documents are being prepared that would “take me completely out of business operations.”
Conway said the specific transition plan would be announced at a Dec. 15 press conference.


Donald Trump says he’s leaving his “great business” so he can focus on being the nation’s 45th president.
Trump tweeted early Wednesday that legal documents are being crafted to “take me completely out of business operations,” adding, “the presidency is a far more important task!”
Trump had been under criticism for exposing himself to potential conflicts if he kept a role in his global business while being president.
He says he’ll hold a news conference with his children on the subject on Dec. 15.