Stocking Stuffers for the Kids from The Speech Mom

We’re back with some stocking stuffer ideas that are great kitchen items for everyone and are even greater for helping that picky eater in your family get a nutritious meal every day.

Andrea Boerigter, The Speech Mom, shared a number of products that she loves, which she says can be purchased at Elegant Mommy in Sioux Falls, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and other places.

1. Wow Cups

These cups don’t spill. They come with a lid that fits inside the cup so when your child lifts it to take a drink, the lid separates from the cup to pour, but closes back again when it’s put down. Boerigter says it’s also a great transition cup from a sippy cup to a regular cup. She also says the softer material puts less pressure on the kids’ teeth so it doesn’t damage their mouth.

2. The Mini Mat

The Mini Mat suctions to your tabletop so the kids can’t knock it off the table. It comes in a plate form or as a bowl.

3.  OlaSprout spoons

These silicone spoons not only look like cute sprouts, but are also safe for your little one’s mouth. Plus, they are perfectly portion-sized so your tot isn’t taking too big bites.

4. The Dinner Winner

This cool plate looks like a board game. Each spot can hold food, and by the time the kids make it to the end of the “game,” there’s a treat waiting in the last spot.

Boerigter also adds that any time you can get the kids involved in the cooking process, do it. She recommends getting the kids their own aprons or maybe special spatulas or mixing bowls to make it fun for them too.

The Speech Mom is also doing some giveaways on her blog site here, so you have the chance to win some of these items!