Sioux Falls City Crews Clean Out Drainage System

SIOUX FALLS – Crews in Sioux Falls have cleared out more than 7,600 tons of silt from the City’s levee system as part of a cleanup effort this winter.

Officials gave an update on the project on Friday at the Prairie Green golf course. The City cleans up drainage ways, river channels and ponds each year to improve capacity in the drainage system, they say the process is done during the winter because there is less chance of rain and flooding. Crews have cleared away nearly 2,000 tons of silt at the Prairie Green pond this week alone.

“It helps make them look better, it helps them be healthier, and that keeps odor and stuff like that down. And because we wind through a housing development, that’s kind of a win-win for both people who live on the golf course as well as the players,” said Tom Jansa the President of Dakota Golf Management.

Officials say about 11,000 tons of material were also removed from city streets last year through street sweeping.

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