“Being Muslim In Sioux Falls”

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Experts say 6 in 10 Americans don’t know a Muslim.  Dr. Mohammad Qamar who is a Nephrologist at Sanford Health and the Director of Interfaith Dialogue at the Muslim Community Center tells us what it’s like to be Muslim in Sioux Falls.

“It’s the sad reality that today’s day and age, people that we disagree with or an idea that we don’t share, we tend to block that out. We tend to stop talking to that person,” said Dr. Qamar.

What is the best advice for someone who may blame the Muslim community or still have anxieties about the Muslim community?

“I would say that don’t be angry, don’t be anxious because if you get anxious and you get angry, you will get high blood pressure. If you get high blood pressure, you will get kidney disease and then you will come see me. When you see me, you will not be happy,” said Dr. Qamar.

Many people who help our country operate each and everyday are Muslim.  Just to name a few…

Dr. Qamar told us, “From the Department of Defense, roughly 6,000 Muslim Americans serve in our military who have chosen to wear our uniform proudly.”

With two to three thousand Muslims in the Sioux Falls community, it’s important that we all as Americans work together,” stressed Dr. Qamar.

“In the mortal words of Yoda, as I love movies. He said that fear leads to anger which leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side. So lets stop being angry, lets stop being fearful. Yes, there are many problems that we face, but the only way forward is if we work together,” said Dr. Qamar.

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