Community Comes Together For Muslims

SIOUX FALLS, SD – In response to the latest resolution, NO. SCR 15, that passed the Senate Committee on Wednesday, an observance of prayer and solidarity press conference took place today.

Today’s event took place at the Islamic City Center and was organized because of the resolution that the senate community passed to show support for Trump’s recent immigration travel ban.  The Non-Partisan community event brought many walks of life, regardless of party affiliation race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Mohamed Ahmed, a former Somalian Refugee, said “I’m a green card holder. If I want to go and visit them, I’m scared that the president again comes up with another executive order saying the same thing for example, green card should not be coming in again. You know so I’m fearing I can not go and visit my family.”

People of the Muslim faith weren’t the only ones in attendance of the event today.  A Republican lawmaker from District 12 was there as well to hear the concerns of the community.

Senator Blake Curd said, “What we can see is a meaningful look at the immigration system. The reforms that are necessary.  Making sure that we understand who comes to the United States.  That they are coming here to become a part of that intricate fabric that is the United States to make it a stronger community and a stronger country.  Those are the people that we want here.”

Senator Curd told us, he believes the intention of the resolution is not to discriminate towards any religion.

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