Someone You Should Know: Sioux Falls Man Finds Purpose Through Sorting Sports Cards

For many, collecting sports cards was a hobby as a kid. But one Sioux Falls man looks at thousands of them each and every day. You could even say they’ve given him more purpose in life. KDLT’s Jill Johnson tells us why Matt Jacobson is ‘Someone You Should Know’.

One pile at a time, cards are transferred left to right, and then into a box.

“Baseball, basketball, hockey,” said Jacobson as he sorts cards.

Each day, for several hours a day, 31-year-old Matt Jacobson sorts sports cards for Triple Play. Jacobson started working for the business on a temporary basis after Dennis Worden got a call from Community Campus in 2005. Worden, who has a sister with Down Syndrome, was happy to say ‘yes’.

Worden said, “After the two weeks were done I asked, ‘Well, what can I do to keep him here?'”

Jacobson has been coming back to work at the shop on South Western Avenue ever since.

“He’s a goal setter. He sets goal on how many cards he wants to get sorted every day. Everybody, if given a chance, no matter who they are, has things that they’re good at,” said Worden.

Jacobson’s not just good at sorting cards, he’s one of the best. Worden estimates that around 3 million have gone through his hands.

Worden said, “I know that there’s other people in the world that have sorted more, but he’s probably in the top 10 in the world of number of cards sorted.”

While he may be setting records, it’s nothing compared to the personality Matt brings to the store.

“I did the whole thing up on the shelf,” Jacobson said showing us dozens of shelves with the cards he has sorted.

“Matt’s really good with customers. He’s friendly. He knows their names. He remembers where he met them,” Worden said.

Jacobson loves talking sports with them, putting him just in the right place.

Jacobson talks about his favorite players while he sorts cards at the shop, “Jordy Nelson, I like him, and Randall Cobb, I like those guys.”

Brett Favre is his favorite.

Jacobson said, “I don’t like that he went to the Vikings. I wanted him to stay at Green Bay. It was the best team forever.”

You don’t have to ask Matt to know that his job gives him purpose, but if you do, the answer is always the same.

“I love it,” said Jacobson. “I love it.”

It’s the same answer he gave 12 years ago. Something not everyone can say.

Jacobson also helps out the University of Sioux Falls Football team and has excelled with the Special Olympics. He has even represented the United States in China where he won a silver medal in swimming.

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